Hi All,

I'm Lia and I've been "making" ever since I was a little girl. 

The name Craft Me Silly was coined probably 10 year ago, the night before my first market. I realised that I needed a name for my "stuff" I was making glass pendants, brooches, rings and earrings back then - and I thought to myself "Hey, Craft Me Silly"...because I was crafting and I was (and still am) a little Silly.

While I've taken a few breaks over the past 10 years (ok, many breaks!), I keep coming back to crafting. It's my stress-reliever, my coping-mechanism and one of my one true loves - other than my other half, my two little girls and my furkids. 

You'll find that I love playing with different types of media - be it polymer clay, acrylic, resin, alcohol ink and wood. It's very time and mood-dependent - that's why you'll see an eclectic mix of things in my store. 

Thank you for the visit and for supporting a  dream.